Clinical Microbiology

Clinical Microbiology is a branch of medical science concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. Moreover, this field of science is concerned about various clinical applications of microbes for the improvement of health. There are four kinds of microorganisms that cause infectious disease: bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. It is the adaptation of microbiological techniques to the study of the etiological agents of infectious disease. In this one can explore the nature of infectious disease and test the ability of various antibiotics to inhibit or kill the isolated microorganisms. The invasion and multiplication of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites that are not normally present within the body are called infection.
Nowadays due to mutation and continuous adaptability of microbes to the changing environment, there is the vast number of diseases that are to be studied for the betterment of the humankind. Research in clinical microbiology mainly includes studying various aspects of microbes including virulence factor of the microbe.