Track Categories

The track category is the heading under which your abstract will be reviewed and later published in the conference printed matters if accepted. During the submission process, you will be asked to select one track category for your abstract.

Clinical Research is a part of social protection science that chooses the security and reasonability (sufficiency) of pharmaceuticals, devices, expository things and treatment regimens got ready for human use. These may be used for expectation, treatment, end or for quieting symptoms of a disorder. In clinical practice set up, medications are used, while clinical research affirms is assembled to develop a treatments

  • Track 1-1Clinical trial
  • Track 1-2Gastroenterology & Hepatology
  • Track 1-3Drug discovery
  • Track 1-4Patient-oriented research
  • Track 1-5Epidemiological and behavioral studies
  • Track 1-6Medical specialist
  • Track 1-7Gene Therapy
  • Track 1-8Urology
  • Track 1-9Toxicity

Clinical Biochemistry supports the finish of sickness using exploration Center testing of blood and other natural fluids, tissues, and minute evaluation of individual cells. Our heap up guaranteed veterinary clinical pathologists and technologists give lab achieves a well suited, capable and canny way; supporting investigation, clinicians, suggesting veterinarians, and understudies in the assurance and treatment of various animal species


  • Track 2-1Immunoassay
  • Track 2-2Electrophoresis
  • Track 2-3Spectrophotometry
  • Track 2-4Enzyme
  • Track 2-5Medical laboratory

Clinical genomics is the usage of genome sequencing to exhort calm end and care. Clinical genomics is another and rapidly developing field. Learning of the human genome is far from the completion, be that as it may, there are starting at now uses for innate and genomic information in the Center.


  • Track 3-1Mapping, sequencing & functional analysis of genomics
  • Track 3-2Precision Oncology
  • Track 3-3Functional genomics
  • Track 3-4Structural genomics
  • Track 3-5Epigenomics
  • Track 3-6Pharmacogenomics
  • Track 3-7Genomic Information in medicine
  • Track 3-8Genomic Cancer Medicine Program
  • Track 3-9Pharm informatics
  • Track 3-10Drug discovery and development

There are a broad number of immunodeficiency issues that present clinical and research Center characteristics of autoimmunity. The reduced limit of the safe structure to clear defilements in these patients may be accountable for causing autoimmunity through endless immune system commencement.


  • Track 4-1Immune Disorder
  • Track 4-2Innate and Acquired Immunity
  • Track 4-3Clinical Symptoms
  • Track 4-4Immunotherapeutics
  • Track 4-5Acquired Immune Deficiencies
  • Track 4-6Autoimmune Disorder
  • Track 4-7Autoantibodies
  • Track 4-8Immunosuppressive Drugs
  • Track 4-9Antiretroviral Drugs

Helpful microbiology, the significant subset of microbiology that is associated with a medication, is a part of restorative science stressed over the expectation, finding and treatment of powerful sicknesses. Likewise, this field of science looks at changed clinical employments of life forms for the difference in prosperity. There are four sorts of microorganisms that reason powerful disease: tiny life forms, developments, parasites, and contaminations.


  • Track 5-1Virology
  • Track 5-2Bacteriology
  • Track 5-3Mycology
  • Track 5-4Mycobacteriology and Aerobic Actinomycetes
  • Track 5-5Epidemics and outbreaks of disease
  • Track 5-6Immunoassays
  • Track 5-7Clinical Veterinary Microbiology
  • Track 5-8Epidemiology
  • Track 5-9Antibiotics
  • Track 5-10Clinical laboratories

Clinical neurophysiology is a therapeutic strength that audits the central and periphery tactile frameworks through the narrative of bioelectrical activity, paying little respect to whether unconstrained or invigorated. It joins the two sorts of research with respect to the pathophysiology nearby clinical strategies used to dissect diseases including both central and periphery tactile frameworks. Assessments in the clinical neurophysiology field are not compelled to tests driven in an examination office. It is thought of as a development of a neurologic gathering. Tests that are coordinated are stressed over assessing the electrical components of the cerebrum, spinal rope, and nerves in the members and muscles. It can give the careful significance of the site, the sort and level of the damage, close by revealing the variations from the standard that are being alluded to. As a result of these limits, clinical neurophysiology is used generally help break down diseases as opposed to treating them.


  • Track 6-1Electromyography
  • Track 6-2nerve conduction studies
  • Track 6-3Electroencephalography
  • Track 6-4Evoked Potentials
  • Track 6-5Polysomnography

Clinical Endocrinology is a piece of science and arrangement dealing with the endocrine system, its infections, and its specific emanations known as hormones. It is similarly stressed over the joining of developmental events increase, advancement, and partition, and the psychological or lead activities of absorption, improvement and improvement, tissue work, rest, osmosis, breath, release, perspective, push, lactation, advancement, multiplication, and material perception brought about by hormones

  • Track 7-1Pediatric Endocrinology
  • Track 7-2Neuroendocrinology
  • Track 7-3Reproductive endocrinology and infertility
  • Track 7-4Hormone
  • Track 7-5Hormone replacement therapy
  • Track 7-6Endocrine disease
  • Track 7-7Comparative Endocrinology

Pediatrics is that the part of medications that includes the therapeutic guide of newborn children, kids, and teenagers. The restorative claim to fame prescribes people is underneath medication care up to the age of twenty-one. A therapeutic specialist United Nations office makes a claim to fame of this space is comprehended as a pediatrist, or pro. The word therapeutic strength and its cognates signify "healer of kids". Pediatricians work each in emergency clinics, altogether those working in its subspecialties like pediatrics, and as medical care doctors.


  • Track 8-1Pediatrics Oncology and Haematology
  • Track 8-2Pediatrics Surgery
  • Track 8-3Pediatric Cardiology
  • Track 8-4Pediatrics Neurology
  • Track 8-5Pediatrics Allergy and Infections
  • Track 8-6Pediatrics Dentistry
  • Track 8-7Pediatrics Diagnosis

Gadgets that utilize organic/biochemical responses for distinguishing objective analytes are Biosensors. The gadget comprises of a transducer and a biocatalyst. A cell, tissue, catalyst or even an oligonucleotide goes about as the biocatalyst. The transducers are for the most part amperometric, potentiometric or optical. The arrangement of biosensors depends on the closeness between the biocatalyst and the transducer, and the idea of the acknowledgment occasion. The edit advancements might be liable for up to 25% of science judgments performed in clinical settings. The most recent 5 years have seen this innovation developed to the degree that various significant analytes, for example, cardiovascular markers, drugs and irresistible specialists are presently decided utilizing financially accessible biosensors. Later on we are probably going to see biosensors that use the innovation and clinical data rising up out of the human genome venture alleged Gene-Chips or exhibits. Regardless of the undoubted sway that Genomics will have on infection finding and the executives it is conceivable that the most significant biosensor innovation will keep on being glucose estimations for some extensive time later on. The rate of diabetes is anticipated to increment altogether and the significance of standard glucose estimations has been entrenched.


  • Track 9-2Enzyme immunosensors
  • Track 9-3Electrochemical biosensors
  • Track 9-4Biocatalyst transducer.

Characteristic science, once in a while called natural science, is the examination of blend shapes inside and relating to living creatures. By controlling information course through biochemical hailing and the flood of substance imperativeness through processing, biochemical systems offer climb to the unconventionality of life. Over the span of the latest numerous long periods of the twentieth century, common science has ended up being so productive at explaining living techniques that now all areas of the existence sciences from natural science to remedy to innate characteristics are busy with biochemical research. Today, the essential concentrate of unadulterated normal science is on perceiving how natural particles offer climb to the methodology that occur inside living cells, which therefore relates fundamentally to the assessment and understanding of tissues, organs, and whole animals - that is, all of science.


  • Track 10-1Biochemical processes
  • Track 10-2Enzymatic chemistry
  • Track 10-3Biochemical signaling
  • Track 10-4Membrane biochemistry
  • Track 10-5Activation of an enzyme
  • Track 10-6Neurodevelopmental Disorders

There are wide assortments of the sorts of advancement used by different sorts of research focuses. The lab condition has been portrayed by constant quick and exciting development. Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology Research is a partner reviewed, open access journal that contemplates articles on a wide scope of artificially undeniable supportive and deadly administrators. It expects to make sound means to adjust sedate treatment, concerning the patients' genotype, and to ensure most outrageous viability with irrelevant inverse effects.


  • Track 11-1Pharmacokinetics
  • Track 11-2 Pharmacodynamics
  • Track 11-3 Pharmacotherapy
  • Track 11-4 Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Track 11-5Drug interaction

More forward-thinking Drugs and Biomarkers includes promising subjects, for instance, the checking of set up and progressively current prescriptions, pharmacogenomics and the utilization of biomarkers in medicinal drug watching. This reference moreover discusses the controls of current monetarily available immunoassays for helpful watching. It shows new and complex frameworks used for authentic affirmation of blood levels and the clinical utility of helpful medicine seeing of contemporary drugs.


  • Track 12-1Paper spray mass spectrometry
  • Track 12-2Relative Standard Deviation (RSD)
  • Track 12-3Quantitation
  • Track 12-4Quantification
  • Track 12-5Dose optimization

Ailments arranged Topics (Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer Diagnostics, and Diabetes) collectively, cardiovascular contamination (tallying stroke), harm, and diabetes speak to around 66% of all passing in the United States and around 700 billion US dollars in prompt and roundabout fiscal costs every year. Stream approaches to manage prosperity progression and balancing activity of cardiovascular disease, development, and diabetes don't approach the capacity of the flow state of learning. A purposeful effort to construct utilization of general prosperity and clinical mediations of realized ampleness to diminish normality of tobacco use awful eating daily practice, and insufficient physical development the genuine risk factors for these diseases and to extend use of screening tests for their underlying recognizable proof could liberally diminish the human and budgetary cost of these sicknesses. In this article, the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Heart Association review strategies for the evasion and early revelation of threat, cardiovascular affliction, and diabetes, as the beginning of another joint exertion among the three affiliations. The goal of this joint undertaking is to sustain critical changes in fundamental neutralizing activity and early revelation through composed exertion between key affiliations, progressively noticeable open care about strong lifestyles, managerial movement that results in all the all the more sponsoring for and access to basic abhorrence ventures and research, and reconsideration of the possibility of the periodic remedial checkup as a practical stage for expectation, early area, and treatment.


  • Track 13-1Nutritional Assessment of Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Diabetes
  • Track 13-2Counseling for Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Diabetes
  • Track 13-3Recent research work on the development of Cardiovascular, Cancer, Diabetes drugs
  • Track 13-4Cardiovascular, Cancer, Diabetes drugs Classification
  • Track 13-5Etiology and Pathology of Cardiovascular, Cancer, Diabetes
  • Track 13-6Cardiovascular, Cancer and Diabetes Therapies
  • Track 13-7Mechanism of action of Cardiovascular, Cancer, Diabetes drugs

Assessment of Molecular Diagnostic Biomarkers A biomarker is a trademark that is evenhandedly evaluated and surveyed as a pointer of common biologic methodology, pathogenic techniques, or pharmacologic responses to an accommodating mediation. It used to perceive or avow the proximity of an infirmity or condition of premium or to recognize individuals with a subtype of the ailment. Therapeutic practice requires a definite finding of illnesses and conditions. Nuclear Diagnostic biomarkers are used for the essential affirmation of whether a patient has a particular therapeutic condition for which treatment may be exhibited or whether an individual should be enrolled in a clinical fundamental concentrate a particular ailment. As is winding up continuously esteemed, various ailments have subtypes with remarkably uncommon theories or responses to a specific treatment. A publically available database be made of new and existing exploration focus tests – a 'nuclear diagnostics model' – containing confirmation for clinical execution, and unequivocally communicating where any evidence is lacking. Procedure makers and industry should be asked to address issues around social event the essential evidence for clinical appraisal.


  • Track 14-1PCR enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
  • Track 14-2Antibodies or proteins
  • Track 14-3Microbial assays
  • Track 14-4Analytical and clinical evaluations
  • Track 14-5Screening

Clinical Chemistry reagents and instruments that utilize the latest subtleties and progressions for quantitative confirmation of substrates, synthetic compounds, and electrolytes in human serum, plasma, or pee. To enhance our general science reagents, it has both semi-automated analyzers and totally mechanized analyzers. In light of things and organizations, the market is separated into reagents and packs, instruments, and organizations and programming. The reagents and units grandstand are required to develop at the most imperative CAGR of the market in the figure time span. Improvement in the reagents and packs piece is driven by movements, for instance, motorization and high-throughput headways in instruments.

Considering development, the market is segmented into PCR, INAAT, microarrays, hybridization, DNA sequencing, Next-age sequencing (NGS) and various progressions (electrophoresis, stream cytometer, and mass spectrometry). Among these advances, PCR is required toward the path the greatest offer and microarray is depended upon to be the most significant creating segment. The considerable idea of this area is basically attributed to the creating use of PCR in proteomics and genomics, automation of PCR instruments, and the ascent of bleeding edge advancements like qRT-PCR.


  • Track 15-1PCR
  • Track 15-2Automation and robotics are increasing
  • Track 15-3Increased productivity and lower costs for laboratories
  • Track 15-4Automation of routine laboratory procedures
  • Track 15-5laboratory automation and the growing emergence of robotics
  • Track 15-6Improvement in drug discovery and clinical diagnostics

Clinical and recuperating focus medication store deals with the utilization of prescription meds to patients in a specialist's office or clinical setting. Continue examining to take in increasingly about the field. The examination of medication store incorporates the incredible proposition and association of various drugs for the security and prosperity of patients

  • Track 16-1Clinical Pharmacist Training
  • Track 16-2Clinical Pharmacology Training
  • Track 16-3Doctor of Pharmacy Program
  • Track 16-4Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist
  • Track 16-5Medication Therapy Management

Clinical Chemistry is a growing science, bristling with complex instruments, an abundance of technique, and an enormous number of new musings toward reasoning, quality control, and the subject of what is "common." Only a few brief a very long time back we were educated that the basic mechanical assembly regarding the clinical pathologist without limits would be a voltmeter. There are wide assortments of the sorts of strategies used by different sorts of research offices. The examination office condition has been depicted by advancing quick and exciting progression.


  • Track 17-1Chromatography
  • Track 17-2Electrochemistry
  • Track 17-3Electrophoresis
  • Track 17-4Immunoassay techniques
  • Track 17-5Mass Spectrometry
  • Track 17-6Nephelometry
  • Track 17-7Proteomics and Protein Arrays
  • Track 17-8Spectrophotometric Techniques

Clinical Chemistry is a growing science, bristling with complex instruments, an abundance of technique, and an enormous number of new musings toward reasoning, quality control, and the subject of what is "common." Only a few brief a very long time back we were educated that the basic mechanical assembly regarding the clinical pathologist without limits would be a voltmeter. There are wide assortments of the sorts of strategies used by different sorts of research offices. The examination office condition has been depicted by advancing quick and exciting progression.


  • Track 18-1Market trends and dynamics
  • Track 18-2Supply and demand
  • Track 18-3Market size
  • Track 18-4Current trends/opportunities/challenges
  • Track 18-5Competitive landscape
  • Track 18-6Technological breakthroughs
  • Track 18-7Value chain and stakeholder analysis

A clinical science analyzer; hand exhibits measure Clinical science (generally called manufactured pathology, clinical natural science or therapeutic common science) is the zone of science that is all things considered stressed over the examination of natural fluids for symptomatic and medicinal purposes. It is an association kind of natural science (not to be confused with remedial science, which incorporates basic research for sedate improvement).


  • Track 19-1Biochemistry
  • Track 19-2Drug development
  • Track 19-3Medicinal chemistry
  • Track 19-4Urinalysis
  • Track 19-5Toxicology
  • Track 19-6Analytical Chemistry
  • Track 19-7Endocrinology

Clinical pathology supports the investigation of ailment using research office testing of blood and other natural fluids, tissues, and minute evaluation of individual cells. Our heap up affirmed veterinary clinical pathologists and technologists give lab realizes a favorable, successful and mindful way; supporting assessment, clinicians, suggesting veterinarians, and understudies in the finding and treatment of various animal species.



  • Track 20-1Gene Therapy
  • Track 20-2Renal Pathology
  • Track 20-3Hematopathology
  • Track 20-4Transfusion Medicine
  • Track 20-5Medical Microbiology
  • Track 20-6Immunopathology
  • Track 20-7Surgical Pathology
  • Track 20-8Cytopathology
  • Track 20-9Neuropathology
  • Track 20-10Cardiovascular Pathology