Clinical Biochemistry

Clinical Biochemistry centres around procedures occurring at a sub-atomic level. It centres around what's occurring inside our cells, contemplating segments like proteins, lipids and organelles. It additionally takes a gander at how cells speak with one another, for instance amid development or battling sickness. Organic chemists need to see how the structure of an atom identifies with its capacity, enabling them to foresee how particles will interface. Clinical Biochemistry covers a scope of logical orders, including hereditary qualities, microbiology, crime scene investigation, plant science and prescription. Due to its expansiveness, clinical natural chemistry is essential and advances in this field of science in the course of recent years have been amazing. It's an extremely energizing time to be a piece of this intriguing region of study.

What do Clinical biochemists do?
·         Provide new ideas and experiments to understand how life works
·         Support our understanding of health and disease
·         Contribute innovative information to the technology revolution
·         Work alongside chemists, physicists, healthcare professionals, policy makers, engineers and many more professionals